Therapeutic Massage

By Patti Selm


Pain reduction has been my main goal for using massage as therapy.....and I am pleasantly happy to say that this goal has been met.

I am 63 and disabled with multiple diagnoses, including but not limited to; diabetes, heart disease, peripheral neuropathy, degenerative spine and arthritis.

After the first session, I had a small reduction in pain for a day or two. That was sufficient to return for an additional session to see if I could get another day of reduced pain, but I was happy to find that a second session produced a longer period of relief.

Now , after a month of weekly sessions, I am practically pain free from nagging sciatica.

I have improved walking and sleeping due to the reduction of pain.

I think it is time to select a new goal.

Thank you Ms. Patti, I'll see you soon!

~ Greg Carswell

October-November- December of 2010

Airlifted to Mission Memorial in Asheville for emergency surgery for an aortic aneuriysm  (an abnormal bulge in the wall of the aorta, the body's largest artery and the blood vessel that carries oxygen-rich blood)  resulting in prolonged unconsciousness (Coma) for days.  Today I am able to write this testimony because of a "Great team of surgeons" and the many people that prayed for my survival. Recovery (SEVEN MONTHS AND CONTINUES) has been difficult.

Fatigued, anxiety,and stress-related issues, lack of energy, poor concentration, little sleep and joint pain are areas Patti Selm has helped in my recovery. Several members of my Gym recommend her.

"Patti Selm has a positive attitude. Brings a refreshing energy to any situation and I, as a client, recommend her - Best Wishes Patti!"

~Larry Simpson, Vice President

Simpson and Associates

May 11, 2012

I highly recommend Patti Selm for the serious minded athlete.  I consider her massage just as important as my supplements and training methods!  Competition powerlifting takes its toll on the body and she can help!

~Frank Beam

  Owner,  Flex Gym

  2011 Powerlift Champion, NC

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